Side Sleeping Pillow Buying Guide – Helping You Save Money

Give your pillow the importance it deserves.

A good pillow for side sleeper can after all give you a good night’s sleep, and if we sleep for 8 hours daily, like the doctor’s recommend, then we sleep for a third of our lives. So how do you buy a pillow?

Here is a guide to help you.

The Material: Natural vs. Synthetic

Foam stays in shape for several years, can be made to your measurement, and is hypoallergenic as well. So this is a good option if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Go for memory foam pillows that are visco-elastic polyurethane and designed from NASA drawings. They will mould with the shape of your body and give your sensitive areas the much needed protection. However, you might face problems in moving around during sleep. This is not a good choice for restless sleepers. There can be an odor in memory foam pillows. Keep this in mind as well.

Latex on the other hand is biodegradable as it is made from the rubber tree’s sap. These pillows work for long and are durable. Plus, they are hypoallergenic. You will get latex good pillows in many densities, profiles and shapes.

Feather and down pillows are made with latex and foam. Down pillows are more costly though, but they are softer and they last longer too. You can fluff and mould them to the precise shape you want. However they can be allergen. Down pillows are the fluffiest ones. Combine it with feather and you will be able to bring the cost down.

Polyester offers good support and comfort. But there can be lump formation and so you have to change frequently. The material flattens easily, so tummy sleepers can use them. But the material isn’t good for side sleepers.

Wool and cotton pillows are soft. You can add them on top of your pillow if you want more support. The fibers are breathable, so there is little risk of sweat and oil stains. Cotton is hypoallergenic.

No matter what the fill, always make sure that the outer fabric has been tightly woven so that the allergens and the fill can be kept out. No fibers or feathers must poke out. Make sure that the stitching is very tight.

The Right Time for Replacing

Your pillow won’t last forever, so you have to replace it, no matter how good it. Change it when it sags and there are lumps. Fold your traditional fiberfill pillow in half and keep a book on its top. You can keep using it if your pillow gets back the shape. However, you must change the pillow if it stays folded.

Finally, you must compare the firmness before shopping. If you are buying your pillow online, then do please read the product description carefully. It might be a good idea to go through a few customer reviews as well before deciding. Check for straight seams, neat stitches, usable zipper, filling evenly distributed, and piping that reduces the wear on the pillows edges. A cover that has been tightly woven will protect the fill. So you must look for more things, apart from the material.

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